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Fighting for Conner Obstacle Course Race Fundraiser - June 9, 2019

When we were approached by the Beish's family friend, Janelle, about hosting a fundraiser for Conner, our answer was an immediate yes! We were honored to be a part of this amazing event and to witness the tons of support that Conner has throughout our community.

In 2017, 4-year old Conner Beish was diagnosed with a rare, and presently terminal disease, known as Batten Disease.  It is estimated that 2-4 births per 100,000 in the U.S. are affected by this disease.  The Batten Disease Support and Research Association (BDSRA) is an amazing foundation that helps to fund research in order to find treatments for Batten Disease, as well as helping families all over the world as they are coping with this disorder.  Proceeds from this race benefited the BDSRA (  Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out with the event!

Check out the photos in the Google Photos link below:



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